ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

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ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

Shooting D800e here, and Windows 7, 64-bit.   I've long used ViewNX2 to quickly review and rate images after I've initially downloaded them.  (I use DownloaderPro to download from camera, and I use CaptureNX2, usually, to post-process them).

This used to work well for me, because of the 'quickly' part.  Specifically, I found a way to review & rate with minimal mouse clicks.   I would set filtering on in ViewNX2, then tell it to only display unrated images.   Next, I'd open the first image in full-screen view mode, and (with only 1 click), rate the image 1 to 5 stars.   With filtering on, showing only unrated images, ViewNX2 would automatically filter out the image I just reviewed and bring up the next one for me.    Couldn't be any less work (mouse clicks).

Than about a year ago, I assume with one of the ViewNX2 updates, the above stopped working in a 'broken way'.  I wonder if others can confirm if this is happening to their software.

What happens now is that that FIRST image I rate (after launching ViewNX2), rates just fine.   The rating is immediately applied, and the next image comes up.  (Or, if not viewing in full screen, at least the rating is applied).

AFTER that first image is rated, the problem begins.  Any image I try to rate requires two attempts, and there is a several-second delay in the program responding after the first attempt.  It happens like this:

1. Try to rate an image

2. ViewNX2 screen goes blank (image not shown), for 2-4 seconds.

3. Image is redisplayed - but without any rating applied.

4. Try again to rate the image, and it works immediately.

-then repeat the above for every other image I try to rate, until I close and restart ViewNX2, at which point it rates image(s) the first time OK, then reverts to the problem.

The problem ONLY occurs when filtering is turned on, to show only certain ratings.  (In my case, no ratings at all.   But if I were filtering for 2-star images, and then rerated them to some other rating, the problem happens there too.)

I have other software I could use to rate images, but the key to how I like to do it is to see only one full-screen image at a time, and then have the next image come up immediately once I rate something.  I've not seen how to do that in Lightroom.   I could do it in CaptureNX2, but that program is too slow for me to initially go through 200-300 images from a day's shoot.

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