Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: Minolta 50s and the A7

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Nice post!

Smaller and lighter than the MD 50/1.7 is the MD 50/2.0. That is a completely different lens and is remarkable for being 100% sharp and usable right from the wide open aperture. Quality of sharpness, color and bokeh are about the same as the 50/1.7 and it's small size make it my everyday favorite. Has good coatings so little lens flare.

I also have the 55mm MC Rokkor 1.9 which is as you say, very very sharp and I've used it on my Panasonic G1 as well as my 5R, especially for portrait work. It is very easy to get a clean focus.

Agreed, I absolutely love the MD 50mm f2. It has stayed on my A7 for quite a bit, even after getting the FE35 and the FE 28-70, and I also used it a lot on my NEX-7. It's small, light and very pretty on the camera and the images are very sharp and pleasing. I would rate it my favorite 50mm lens all things considered. I only have two Minolta 50mm though, the f2 and the f1,7. The IQ-differences between the f1,7 and the f2 are very small and the f2 feels lighter and handier, so I usually go with that one.

I will probably tro to get a Minolta 50mm f1,4 as well, the 1,2 feels a bit expensive while the 1,4 can still be found very cheap.

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Good to hear. The f2 is famous for being sharp right from wide open whereas none of the others are.

I have an MC50/1.4 which was disappointing...very soft.  Still suggest a 55/1.7 or 1.9. They are nearly the same and inexpensive.

Getting a bit off-topic but if you can snare a Canon FD 50/3.5 Macro...one of the very sharpest lenses you can find.

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