R3000 image quality compared to R1800/1900/2000?

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Re: R3000 image quality compared to R1800/1900/2000?

ABCMO wrote:

I have owned an Epson R1900 printer for several years and have been very pleased with its image quality for color prints produced on glossy papers such as Epson's Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy. Over the last year I have experimented occasionally with Epson's Fine Art papers such as Velvet Fine Art paper, and I have been impressed by the results--when I could get the printer to print them! Over the weekend I googled this problem and found the only solution to being able to get the R1900 to consistently print on fine art papers. This Rube Goldbergesque process involving pausing the print job after receiving the printer jam message and waiting for the "printer noises" to cease before resuming the print job does work, but this is absurd! I'm intrigued by the quality of the fine art prints, so I may want to do more of my printing on these media, which given the quirkiness of the R1900 in this regard, I looked at current printer options this weekend, and I concluded that the R3000 at $650 directly from Epsom looked like by far the best alternative.

But since I want to avoid the "grass is greener" phenomenon and have no way to compare actual R1900 printing with R3000 printing, I want to ask if anyone here has owned an R1800/1900/2000 and then upgraded to an R3000. Specifically, is the print quality substantially better on the R3000? I know black and white prints will be much better, but what about color? Is the difference great enough to truly make a difference? Also, what is ink consumption like on the R3000? Is it comparable, less, or more than on the R1800/1900/2000?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


The truth is the difference is not at all that significant. The R1900 / R2000 great for Glossy and color, not as good in the B&W world.

The R3000 with K3 VM ink set, great from B&W and Color but not as glossy as the R1900 / R2000 with its gloss optimizer. The R1900/R2000 has red and orange which is great so you do not need to use so much yellow in combo with magenta to create many related colors.

The R3000 with K# VM is a standard in the industry nowadays. Very typical inkset with great gamut.

Great results on fine art media either baryta or matte.

You need to switch blacks MK / PK depending on the paper type, wasting ink every time you switch.

Not so on the R1900/R2000


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