Canon 1D X. Images remaining/images possible readout. Conflicts. Why?

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Re: THANKS Re: Canon 1D X. Images remaining/images possible readout. Conflicts. Why?

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

Agreed, and wasn't the previous set of cameras limited to 999?? So it's a design improvement.


RS_RS wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Thanks Keith Z Leonard and robert614.

If the answers you have both given is correct, and it seems to be, then it seems a real pity that such an expensive camera should have such a design flaw (especially so with all the other useability glitches I have found on this camera).

I hope they fix that in the next model.



It is not a design flaw, but a compromise needed because real estate on the top LCD is at a premium, and once you know that you still have at least 1,999 (or, on most bodies, 999) shots still left, who cares anyhow?

Nope, no design improvement at all; I just checked a 1Ds Mark II and it has the same limitation if the Shots Remaining readout is displayed on the top plate LCD i.e. highest number it can display is 1999.

However, if you set up the 1Ds Mark II, as I did (hence why I haven't noticed the issue previously), so that the Shots Remaining readout appears on the rear bottom LCD panel (and ISO readout on top plate LCD) then there is no limitation (I am currently looking at a readout that says "6575").

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