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Re: Uploading Images

Les Kamens wrote:

I know I'm not exactly in the correct forum but thought I would check in here as well.

As a location photographer, I am constantly plagued with hotels that say they have fast internet but when i connect i get somewhere around 50 - 100 kbs down and 20-60 kbs Up.

There has to be a better way. Is there a provider out there that has a portable device that is really fast so I'm not hung up by having to be tethered to a hotel or some other network.

I'm generally uploading between 2-5 gigs a night.

Thanks for any insight

Are you looking for a portable storage device? Or portable internet connectivity (e.g. 4G mobile connectivity) to a remote server?

Is the purpose to transfer photos to someone else? Or backup? Or for storage reasons?  Or sharing with clients via internet?

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