Best budget prime?

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Re: Best budget prime?

jamiegoldsworthy wrote:

Thank you all so much for any advice! I dont want to ask anyone to look at my flickr to see what kind of photo I take because I dont want to look like Im fishing for views but if anyone is kind enough to take the time to have a peek please let me know

There are really only two lenses that any person needs.  An Olympus 40-150mm, and a Sigma 30mm.

All other lenses for all cameras should be destroyed, recycled and used to make more copies of these two lenses.  If necessary, adapters to other cameras will be created so that these lenses can be mounted to DSLRs and cell phones.

The Sigma 19mm is too short to create decent bokeh, particularly on portrait shots where you get facial distortions when pressing the 19mm in close to get the bokeh.

Shots from the Sigma 30mm:

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