Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Arguments change to suit the situation

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You meen the same AF module with different flexi-cabling

there's some debate about this, WRT: the D800 and D4. the D700 and D3 have the "same" AF module, but different measured acquire speeds. so either they're different, or nikon is "nerfing" it somehow.

Up until I called Nikon Canada and they confirmed that the AF modules are different part numbers and different parts ( cables, housing, or more - I don't know ) everyone said that D800 and D4 focused the same because the modules were the same and there was no way that Nikon would go to the expense of making and stocking two different modules. That has been disproved because even if the internals are the same we ( I ) now know that the "one part, interchangeable for all" is not the case. So one way or the other, different parts, detuned, whatever, the AF systems are not the same. We've just moved on to a different level of argument from some to say that all Cam3500s are the same. In my experience ( never used a D3 ) worse to best would be D800, D700, D3S, D4 and I'm not really sure if there's much difference between D3S and D4 because I never had those two bodies at the same time.

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Boring iteration of a speculation

Depends on what side of the speculation you want to be on I guess. You obviously prefer to be on the side that says the D800 AFs is as good as the D4. Generally the side the fellows who don't own a D4 are on. I have both and know the D4 is better. Why is not all that important. Here's one of my favorite post again on this  From xtm

"Once upon a time, Nikon had two fantastic FX bodies: The D3 and D700. Everyone was happy; Landscapers and birders alike. It was a great time. Then they decided to go to a different direction and introduced D600, D800, and D4. No more sharing features for everyone! Nikon said. Noob? D600. Landscaper? D800. Birder/Sport shooter? D4. No more prosumer body that share flagship features. After watching the D700 eat up D3's lunch, Nikon has wised up.

A lot of D700 "birders" had no other choice for fast FPS body. D3s is old fart and D3 is even an older fart. Nikon wants YOU to buy their D4/D4s for your action needs. Problem is that joe birder can't afford a $6K body.. so what does he do? He had no choice but to buy a..............D800! Why? because to them, the D600 AF is "not up to snuff" for their birding and the D800 is the natural progression after the D700, and it's the most affordable body they can buy without shelling out $6K for the D4. They get the D800 and force themselves to shoot action with it at 4 frames per sec. Pathetic, yes. Do they have a choice? No. Why? Because Nikon took it away.

Whenever I come across an action shooter who shoot a D800, this is their excuse: "I love the D800 for action, it actually taught me how to anticipate action rather than machine gunning it." Another excuse is "The amazing cropability saves me a LOT of money from buying long telephotos". Translation: "The truth is I can't afford a D4 so I'll just keep shooting action with the D800 at 4 fps and come up with excuses." You know this is true.

All I gotta say is this: If you need fast FPS, SAVE UP FOR A D4 (or use a D3s/ D300). Don't shoot action with the slow D800 and make up excuses why you shoot action with it. Use the proper tool for the job!"

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