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Chad Hardy wrote:

Ollie 2 wrote:

I love my OM-D m43 system. Brilliant for weight/IQ hiking situations and just generally a fantastic system. But since I picked up an X-Pro1 for a few hundred AUS bucks I've been busy collecting Fuji glass whilst shedding m43 equivs. Hell, this stuff is gold. I sold my beloved Voigtlander 25mm and bought the incredible 35mm Fuji for less than half price. The 10-24mm had me shedding the optically ordinary Oly 9-18mm in minutes and the 55-200mm is making my 40-150mm look seriously unwell.

What brilliant systems they both are and what kind of bargain is this Fuji glass??

Nice time to be a walkabout photonut.

55-200 and the 14 wide are great lenses. I have the 35, 56 primes and a 10-24 zoom on order. I have a bunch of Sony glass including the FE 55 1.8 zeiss and the Fuji stuff as good or better. Truly amazing quality for the price.

My only reservation about buying up based on the current discounts is the usual sign that new items are on the horizon. For instance should I spend $500 on the 55200 if the 50140 2.8 is on the horizon?

Only you can decide but the extra reach of the 55-200 is nice. I was on the fence about the 55-200 but am glad I got it @ $499. It is a very good lens. The 50-140 should cost more.

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