What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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I just took that clip into iMovie, where I can slow it down to frame by frame. It definitely seems as if the first curtain is closing and then opening again, but it sure is fast. When you listen to it frame by frame, there are quite a few shutter sounds going on.

Could it be that the physical shutter sequence is not altered, but the electronic shutter makes it possible to adjust the timing of the actions?

For example, the initial curtain could close and reopen as quickly as possible, before the camera/sensor is ready to shoot. That might give a few milliseconds for things to settle down before the electronic shutter starts exposure.

Yes, it could be like that. And I think it's the best guess I can make after seeing Jim's video. There is no way to download it from youtube or viewing it frame by frame on youtube, is there?

It could be that the mechanical shutter is so constructed that there is simply no way to use the second curtain only so that they have to go through the entire sequence.

If the shutter is cocked and then reopened immediately before the sensor is reset, doesn't that mean the entire process could be done in the same time that a normal shutter cycle occurs? The shutter will normally be waiting some number of milliseconds in the cocked (closed) state to let the sensor reset happen before it opens. As far as we can surmise, it's not, and so that has effectively freed up that same interval to be used for the same step, just in a different order. Right?

You may like to wait a bit to get the vibration from the quick close/open cycle out of the way before starting the electronic first curtain reset. Or maybe the close+open cycle cumulatively is less shocky than close only?

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