ZS40 - First impressions (no images)

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ZS40 - First impressions (no images)

My ZS40 arrived yesterday and I anxiously got the battery charged so that I could get a sense of it.  Here are my first impressions just in terms of handling.  Hopefully, I'll get some images today if it stops raining.  Climate change or not, I need some sun to try out my new camera.  How inconsiderate of Mother Nature!

Size:  The camera definitely feels larger than my ZS25/15.  That lens is huge!  My wife walked by while I was testing out in my office and she asked me "Is that a super-zoom in your hands or are you happy to see me."  I said, "Both, my dear.  Thanks for the birthday present."  Looks like I'll now need a new case.

Holding / Carrying:  I like that it has camera strap holders on both sides, like the LX.  I may want to get a nice strap rather than use the wrist strap that comes with the camera.

Viewfinder:  I like it overall.  It's a bit small for my taste.  I am used to the EVF on the LX which is really terrific.  But I can get used to this.  I think it's very good visually.  Much, much better than the one on the G11 (Canon), but not as good at the FZ or LX (mostly size, not quality). Looking though the viewfinder, I am not sure what do to with my left hand; it seems just a tiny bit small for my eyes (though I am not complaining).  I am used to the clearviewer method of holding my hand over the top of the camera and creating some shade on the screen.  I may need to just play around with this and find the best position.  Speaking of the clearviewer, its much more off center than it was on the ZS25, so if I decided to go that route, I may get a new one.  But I think I can get used to the EVF.  It is hard to adjust the diopter and look through it at the same time; hopefully I won't have to think about that again and that it doesn't constantly need adjusting.

IOS App:  Meh!  It is an interesting feature to control the camera with the iPhone/iPad.  I may find a use for it.  Downloading pictures from the camera involves several steps that I am not used to taking since all my cameras have EyeFi cards; but I may get used to it eventually.

LCD screen: Nice and large, bright and crisp!  I like it.

30x Tele:  I like, very much.  But I may need to get a steadier pair of hands.  I may plant this camera on my tripod for backyard birding.  Shh, don't say anything to my FZ50.  It already has feelings about all the other cameras I've bought since.

Click-wheel and Lens-Ring:  I like them both, particularly the lens-ring.  I currently have them set for ISO and EV.

That's it for the time being.  Hopefully, I can post some more pictures this week.

Update: The sun just came out!  Yay!  However, I have to get to work so I just grabbed one shot in the backyard.  I hope you like!

ISO: 100; F 6.0; 1/13 (AWB, P, -2/3)

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