D800 with classic lens

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Re: D800 with classic lens

I read "budget less" to mean setting a more conservative budget, thus the older lenses. Therefore:

When we got our first D800 we kept our 17-35 f2.8, 28-70 f2.8, and added the 80-200 f2.8 AF-D (which took some getting used to since it doesn't close focus well for us). Unless you require VR and don't mind locating good used copies I can recommend those three.  JMHO


24-70 f2.8 is well though of by many

24-85 VR, which we also have, is nice for general purpose use

28-300 VR, which people seem to either love or hate, works well for us on vacations.

And primes, of course. The premier choice for many.

Proper selection is difficult to suggest since the best choice depends on the individual.

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