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Re: Hyperbole on steroids!

Antony John wrote:

Anyway, heartening that you realise that it was impossible to 'stop the presses'. In production one often gets 'spurious problems' that can't be identified at first glance in a complex system


It's heartening that I heartened you with my epiphany.

Newspaper printing-presses can be stopped because that is the "production" stage, a prelim before landing in the customer's hands. The D600 had already been through the production stage with thousands of units produced at a cost of millions and millions of dollars to Nikon. They made a decision in the beginning to wait and see how it played out, then offered basic maintenance to the affected sensors. As time went on I'm sure they said "Houston, we have a problem." and DID take further action by replacing shutters. And today they've really bit the bullet by offering the voluntary recall.

Maybe they didn't see the looming class action lawsuits or China kicking them to the curb, so they did what they felt appropriate at each stage of the ordeal. And early-adopters of the D600 have every right to have a bad taste in their mouths. No one lost their life (I think) but there were probably many Excedrin-headaches along the way.


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