Where do you order from when you're dropping significant coin?

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Re: Where do you order from when you're dropping significant coin?

I have purchased expensive new stuff from B&H, Adorama, KEH, Amazon, and Norman Camera.  For used, it's mostly KEH; but also B&H and Adorama and refurbs from Canon's store.  Also one used item through Amazon.

As far as the experience goes:

For new gear, I have had no problems at all from KEH, B&H, Adorama, and Norman.  You can also negotiate price over the phone with Norman.

From Amazon, I bought a Sony SLT-A57 body and two lenses.  The body and one lens were fine; but the 55-300 was without the hood, the internal cardboard packaging was torn, and the lens was very low resolution.  Clearly a return that was simply put back on the shelf.  Amazon made it good when I brought it to their attention and the second lens was brand new and very sharp.  This was bought from Amazon proper; not an "associate"; and shipped from their warehouse.

For used gear and refurbished it's always a bit of a gamble as you may be buying someone else's problem.  I've had the best luck with KEH.  One or two bad pieces; but they do stand behind what they sell and they grade conservatively, so items are often better than expected.

I have had issues with both Adorama and B&H for used.  In both stores, what I was sent was not the exact used item I ordered.  Same make and model; but not the specific one I ordered.  How do I know that?  In one case it was a used Canon Pro 1 listed as in the original box and with a list of included accessories all in 9 condition.  What arrived was without a box, missing several accessories, and no better than a 7 condition.  That, I blame on their stock pickers in the used operation.  They do stand behind what they sell with no hassles; but if they send you the wrong used camera; there's no chance to get the right one if it went to somebody else.  They also don't inspect and grade as well as KEH.

Used from an Amazon "associate" is a real crap game.  A used Canon SX220HS arrived with a card and battery in the camera and a second battery in the charger.  The camera would turn on OK; but after a short (and variable) time would simply shut off.  I got my money back through Amazon's good response; but it was clear the camera was not given a thorough inspection and that the seller didn't know what he was doing.

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