1650$ for A7r. Does it make sense ?

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Re: 1650$ for A7r. Does it make sense ?

mkandil wrote:

Thanks all you guys who gave me the right explanation on why the a7r is being sold cheaply.

But for those who jumped on my post considering me as selfish and rude, you maybe dont know that I cant ask the seller why he/she is selling the camera for a low price before the bid ends because it may jump around 200$ more by the last few seconds.

I started the thread just after the auction ended while I was waiting the money to be transfered to the internet click card to pay the item.Such price was surprisngly low where anyone may do the same and raise a concern about such purchase.

Thanks again

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if you bid, then you pay.  If you read the description, checked photos, and checked his reputation you had time to ask a question.

I sell on eBay and the only thing worse than selling lower than what you want to get for the item is the buyer who doesn't pay. The seller has to wait 7 days before he/she can re-sell again just in case you pay after a case is open against you.

P.S. Read the rules or terms of eBay. You have Buyers protection, it's only going to cost you time.

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