f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Re: shutter speed of an f/1.4 with the DOF of an f/2.8

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The required amount of flash power for a given scene, is also f/1.4 equivalent.

MFT is like having your cake and eating it too.

And then there is the talk about ISO noise, which is a bit silly: ISO 200 in MFT is equivalent to ISO 50 in full-frame. Do you really need to shoot at ISO 50? (only speaking of noise levels, not exposure)

I shoot 50 ISO all of the time even with my film work to get long exposures with waterfalls. Ect. Do I need it for IQ? No. But it is annoying MFT cameras can't go that low. I mean come on it's just a firmware thing.

It's not just a firmware thing. Digital cameras have a single sensitivity, and once the pixels are full, they're full. If the sensor would be overexposed at ISO 50, it's going to be overexposed (you can pull back the image brightness in processing, but the highlights will have clipped).

They could create less efficient sensors so that you could shoot at ISO 50, but the image quality would be worse, not better. In that sense, you can't compare digital to film; the increased sensitivity (and base ISO) with improved technology comes with better image quality.

They don't have to make it less efficient, just engineer it to have a bigger saturation capacity. The problem with that is that low exposure (high ISO) performance would suffer - and they probably think that would lose them more sales than 50 ISO would gain.

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