Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

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Re: Help please on converting AVCHD to MP4

QuangFoto wrote:

Ramius wrote:

You know you can set the camera to record in Mp4 instead of AVCHD right? Check out the movie settings.

I feel pretty silly that I didn't consider that. I just assumed it was only possible in AVCHD...thanks for saving me a bunch of work! lol

I wouldn't select MP4 unless you don't care about the quality of the video. There are many posts about AVCHD vs MP4. Depends on what you do with the video, you might not notice any difference. You've already paid for a camera that has superior format, might as well take advantage of it, unless convenience is more important.

The film maker in the following video mentions it briefly:

Yeah, I guess that makes sense that MP4 would really limit the quality. So it's still better to start off in AVCHD and the convert afterwards? Thanks for the video

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