Best budget prime?

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Re: Best budget prime?

jamiegoldsworthy wrote:

Ah you all posted while I was typing

Thanks for your advice! Is there places you could recommend on-line for sourcing used within the UK or that ship here?

So general consensus looks like the Sigma 19mm!

The 30mm is a better, sharper lens, but still f2.8.

I would love the 45 1.8 but it is still a little steep for me at this point, however legacy lenses are something that hadn't even crossed my mind, Is there certain ones that work best with micro 4/3. Does using adapters and such affect the focal length of the lens?

Adapting manual lenses is an excellent way to get great lenses and not go broke!

Don't bother with wide angle lenses, since faster ones are rare with prices to match.

I'm a big fan of Nikon AI-S lenses. Something like a Pentax 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumar (M42 screwmount) would be perfect. They're fast, have beautiful rendering and sharpness. They're a bit more expensive than dirt cheap f1.8 kit lenses, but it's the sort of lens that makes adapting and shooting with manual lenses worth the effort.

A lot of people really like some of the Russian Jupiter lenses. They look tempting.

One thing you could try would be to ask friends and relatives if they have an old 35mm camera kicking around. You'd be surprised what you can find. I inherited my grandfather's Olympus 135mm f2.8 and also two Pentax SMC Takumars (50mm f1.4 and 105mm f2.8) from another friend's father.

Also, if you go to used camera shops and buy a camera kit (camera + lens) it's often cheaper than buying a lens alone. There are tons of old film cameras nobody (but hipsters ) want and dealers are thrilled to get rid of them.

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