X-T1 RAW in Capture One and ACR 8.4 Beta - Initial Observation

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Dave Chilvers
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Re: X-T1 RAW in Capture One and ACR 8.4 Beta - Initial Observation

I get more pleasing results using Astia in ACR, I drop the radius to.5 and leave the sharpening at 25 and then if more detail is required I just use nik and selective focus on the main point/points. That way you can maintain a natural look to the bulk of the image. I find the blue sky usually requires a tweak away from cyan but in general I`m surprised how decent the images look.

I have a pc in my study and also one out in my amateur radio shack in the garden and although both calibrated they do make the files look different so it`s no wonder really that other peoples images don`t always look to our taste. They should if we all calibrate but different monitors and graphics cards  etc portray the colours differently.

I was a member of a camera club for many years and we did an experiment with regards to how each one of us see certain colors and although pretty close there were some discrepancies between members. I think I have pretty good eyes as far as color shades go and so does my wife (she also has the ears to match  and we do sometimes differ on the finer shades. No problem on the basic colors like red blue green etc but get into the many in between shades and we do perceive slightly differently. (not enough to sneak in a new silver version of a black camera that I already own though unfortunately)


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