Need help deciding between Olympus E-PL5 & Sony NEX-6

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Need help deciding between Olympus E-PL5 & Sony NEX-6

Hi guys!

I posted this question in the beginner's forum but I'm on a tight timeline and not sure the place for this question so posting here as well. TIA!

I've been on the hunt for a good, small interchangable lens camera, less than $800 w/kit lens. I looked at enthusiast compacts but decided to go with the bigger sensor and lens options. After a TON of research, I think I've narrowed it down to the Olympus PL-5 and the Sony Nex-6. I'm going on vacation this weekend & really want the camera for it so I need to order ASAP. I'm feeling confused though so any objective clarity would be extremely appreciated!

I'm a sort-of-novice (I've taken loads of pix with Lumix DMC FS15 & had Oly PM1 but returned after a few wx) and I'd like to learn more but not be a total expert. I want something I can carry around easily. I also want it to be spontaneity-friendly - if my niece does something cute I can quickly whip it out & grab a great pic. Or I can take the time to set up a perfect shot, but I don't want to *have* to fiddle a bunch to get a great photo. I'm fairly tech-savvy & generally a pretty quick learner.

I mainly shoot social settings (low light), beach, flowers, sunsets, kids/babies, food.

Here's my original post (pre-latest research) for full background if ur interested:

I went to San Jose Camera and got the lowdown on the Nex-6 but they didn't carry Oly (does anyone?!). It was larger than I'd anticipated - I tried the older 3N and 5something and they were significantly lighter/smaller.

So Nex-6's main pros are built-in viewfinder and flash. PL5 has hotshoe so could add on but can only use one at a time, right? PL5 is lighter and cheaper and has touchscreen. Fleshing out the pros & cons and how important/big deal they are is where I could really use help.

One last thing, on the flash, when I had the PM1 the one thing I really liked was the variability of the bundled external flash. Fill to full blast to super gentle 1/64 intensity. Would Sony's built-in flash give any variation or is it just on or off? This is important esp during the holidays, etc when you're indoors with fam and the lights are pretty low and no one wants a bright flash going off in their face.

thanks so much!!

Olympus PEN E-PL5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15 Sony Alpha NEX-6
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