NEX 6 lens choice - 18-55, 18-105, 16-70 ... or new system?

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Re: NEX 6 lens choice - 18-55, 18-105, 16-70 ... or new system?

I was in your situation a few weeks ago. I looked at all the lenses you talked about but i decided to go another way. I got the LA-EA2 adapter and the Sony 16-105 lens instead. You can get that for the price of the 18-105 if you look around a little bit and buy used. It bigger and heavier than the 18-105 but I love the lens and although it is not as fast as the 18-105 and lacks IS you have the benefit of great autofocus and the ability to buy fast prime lenses from the Alpha system for much less than the NEX primes.

It depends on what the focus of your photography is, if it is mainly a walk around lens for out door shooting the slower 16-105 is quite good.

I got the 16-105 for about 250USD and the adapter for about 200USD. If you can get it for about the same price that I got mine you can add another lens if you plan to buy an 18-105 for 600 USD

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