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Re: D800 photo counter 1/2 off

Lucky Sky wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Besides, DNG is irrelevant, it is a crappy compression and you lose data when use it. Get a bigger hard drive if you have space problems, get a larger card if you worry about the number of images not being enough for you. Both solutions are really dirt cheap, so I don't see what the problem is.

First I've read that DNG " it is a crappy compression and you lose data when use it".

I'm always willing to learn and change my techniques. I'd appreciate your thoughts on why DNG seems to be a bad choice, at least in your estimation.

OK, maybe "crappy" is a too strong word, though in my opinion, every compression algorith is "crappy" if a single bit is lost and the original can not be recreated. Since the DNG converter must know about your camera model and it actually converts the NEF into an image before compressing the image, AND you can not, after converting to DNG convert back to original NEF, it is to me obvious that it is indeed a lossy compression, not just 'simple' data compression like zip, tar or whatever other type of data compression you want to compare with, which is truly lossless. The Nikon lossless compression works entirely on data compression principle, preserving every bit and recreating every bit of data when you edit the raw image, and that can not be done once the image is converted to DNG. That is why many people, who use DNG, also preserve the original NEF, which in my opinion, is a totally pointless work flow. The only reason I can see to use DNG is the ability to share the image with somebody else who is not able to edit NEF, but I might as well use TIFF in that case. The DNG converter must have knowledge of the camera model concerned, and be able to process the source raw image file, including key metadata to be able to convert and compress. A real lossless compression algorithm NEVER looks at the contents of the data because it is totally irrelevant for the converter to know what type of data you convert and try to compress, since it is based on mathematical patterns and statistics only.

I look at DNG like I look at PDF. A Word document, especially with photographs in it, can be converted to PDF and it may look like you have not lost anything, but yes, you have lost a lot actually and you can never ever recreate the original Word document with the same quality like you have had in your original.

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