What is YOUR market like?

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Graham Snook
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Re: What is YOUR market like?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Yep, so easy to pick up and move a business.

It's darn near starting over.

And moving the kids, the wife needs a new job, grandma moved here for assistance in her old age...so she's gonna have to move to.

yep, hitch up the wagon and be better off in a month that we are now.

I'm sure it works like that.

No, not impossible, but I know what it takes when you're the new, unknown biz in town. It takes a while to build a clientele, wom only happens once you have customers to talk about you.

So there is a cost to moving besides the cost of moving itself.

Don't take this the wrong way but you spend an obscene amount of time starting and responding to threads on dpreview.

Why don't you do something more constructive with your time?

So you can't move your family; but you have options:

  • You could change careers entirely and get some money for all your gear.
  • You could transition between careers over a period.
  • You could offer commercial on-location photography and travel where ever the work is.
  • You could supplement your income with stock photography.
  • You could do product photography via customers shipping products to your studio rather than going to them.
  • You could get into teaching photography/image editing
  • You could get into video production.
  • Publish books on photography and all the experience you've got of the industry.

In short anything has got a better chance of success than spending an inordinate number of hours on here spreading negativity.

Rarely do forum posts hit a nail so squarely on the head.

There is one problem. All those suggestions take a ickle bit of effort. Where as sitting, bashing away on an Internet forum, it's just so easy.

But hey, my company is going to the wall, I've warned everyone it was happening, but I've got enough time for one more post.

Be strict with yourself Penguin. Don't go on here from 9-5 every working day. You'll be amazed how much extra time you have in a day.

As for my market, after a quiet winter period, March was good, I'm running out of free time in April, and May is going the same way. My writing/photography is bringing in almost as much as my photography.

I'm constantly looking at ways to add to my services and bring new ideas using proven technology, and I'm currently working on a 360°/digital media section to my website. Which, if it works how I envision it, could blow minds. However work takes priority at the moment.

Anyway it's 9am here, so I'm off.

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