Unsettling result of D800 vs D600 according to DxoMark

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Re: Unsettling result of D800 vs D600 according to DxoMark

Peaceful Mind wrote:

In particular I've read this post at the moment it was posted.

And from time to time when I think about it, it is still quite unsettling for me. So basically, according to the scientific test, using the extra pixels in the D800 captures almost no more extra resolution than in D600. So effectively in the whole data processing work flow, I wasted so many spaces for "information" that doesn't exist in the first place.

I tried to comfort myself and said that since I owned D800E instead of D800, it could be very different.

So I want to ask you guys the real world differences between the three, D600, D800 and D800E. Since I only have the D800E (and D700 but not D600 or D800), I really don't know the real world differences between these.

e.g. if they are both print at huge size, would we be able to distinguish which one has higher resolution, provided if they are all having some parameters. If DxOMark's scientific procedure is correct it should means visually they should make no difference (at least for those lenses D600 and D800 shares the same resolution in DxOMark, if some rare occasion D800 can score 1 or more MP). But is it so with the real world test?

I went through one of those "blind" tests where you are asked to distinguish between M43/APS/2.3 or Full frame etc.  The one that always stood out as exceptional was the D800. I always knew it was full frame from the first look because of it's ability to render smooth detail so well. I had my buddy go through it as well and he could see it too. Very unscientific test of course...

Thanks so much for every body in advance. If that's true that's quite sad. MP war would be purely of marketing advantage than a real world one. And then we will understand why Zeiss would want to make a super expensive 55/1.4 designed for huge pixel counts...

By the way, I am not comparing the other differences between D600 and D800. I know D800 has better AF system, dual card slot, etc.

I think you're misreading the article. D800 certainly does have more resolution and has better DR than any other 35mm camera out there. I've compared full res images from my D600 to D800 and the amount of gradation, detail and dynamic range is very noticeable with the D800. This of course implies that you're using lenses that can capture the detail.

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