Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Re: Yes and no...

Jefenator wrote:

I'm wondering what the eventual price might be if the lens is built-in. ($3K? $4K? More?) And the

What was that little Fujifilm 645 a while back?

form factor - I'm betting that could easily come in smaller & lighter than a FF DSLR. (33x44mm isn't a gigantic leap over 24x36 - not like 120 film formats are at 45x60, 60x60 or 60x70 - and the Mamiya 7 isn't too massive.)

I don't know if 33x44 can really be called "medium format". I think it's just "wide 35'.

There's always been diminishing returns as one pursues more IQ, and there's always been a bump near the upper end. Just a few years ago, full-frame was on the other side of that bump for many, with bodies starting at $3K. That's all changed now, but MF remains a pretty big next step. I'm all for Sony changing all that, so long as they don't neglect the FE line and/or go bankrupt.


35 is 24x36; so this would be almost twice the size.
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