X-T1 RAW in Capture One and ACR 8.4 Beta - Initial Observation

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Re: X-T1 RAW in Capture One and ACR 8.4 Beta - Initial Observation

forpetessake wrote:

I don't know if those samples are representative or the differences are mostly due to PP, but the C1 picture looks much worse due to more visible artifacts, loss of fine details, burned out contrast, and the dreaded aqua colored sky.

I just went back and looked at the RAF files again in C1 and ACR beta 8.4. I've included the re-processed files again, just to make sure I didn't overlook something. Both files exported as high res, low compression JPEG's. The C1 file was processed with C1's default X-T1 Generic profile. No adjustments made to any parameters in the C1 file. The ACR file was processed using the "Adobe Standard" default profile.  I did tweak the sharpening just a little bit in ACR to help offset Adobe's soft default value. I was not comparing color, levels, etc. as these can be altered to the user taste in both programs. The C1 file is a lot punchier at the default values. And, although the two files are very close in foliage detail with these pp values, the ACR file looks pretty clean overall. I suspect if I brought down C1's sharpening levels and the noise reduction levels a little bit from the default values, the two files would look even closer.

The ACR file is flatter and not nearly as punchy as the default C1. However, my main interest was the level of detail and how the foliage was rendered (the smearing effect in earlier versions of LR).  Maybe Adobe has worked on the engine a little bit since 5.3 ?? These are just initial observations and I need to spend more time trying various post processing scenarios.

The bottom line for me is that both programs are capable of doing a very good job with the X-T1's RAW files.

ACR Beta 8.4

Capture One 7.2.1

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