Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Thank you Nikon!

I've said for a long time that the D600/D610 is the best value purchase your money can buy. It is what the original 5D should have been - an affordable full frame camera that is very capable and with few compromises. The D600/D610 is a camera that is just as capable in most ways if not more capable (especially in the crucial area of image quality) than Canon's 5D III, but it is $1000 less. When that camera hit the market, it made me seriously regret having a large collection of Canon lenses. I've always marveled at all the moaning and groaning about the D600. It's not that hard to clean a sensor, but it is impossible to replace a sensor if your camera has one that is obsolete. We in the Canon camp are stuck with 2008 image quality in 2014. I notice a lot of crazy anti-Nikon moaning in the Nikon forums - a lot more than in the Canon forum. You guys are a tough bunch to please. I guess it's because you are used to buying equipment from a company that actually offers state-of-the-art technology, and you are spoiled

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