Best budget prime?

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Re: Best budget prime?

I have the Sigma 30 and 60 lenses to complement my E-PM2 kit lens which isn't bad up to about 24mm.

I chose the 30 over the 19 due to the type shooting I do and it's the lens that's most often on my camera. The 30 is great but not as good as the 60 when it comes to sharpness and the latter obviouslly provides much shallower depth of field. I got both for less than the Olympus 45mm here in Oz.

But if you're a JPEG shooter, your camera may not correct lens distortion for Sigma lenses automatically. I now shoot RAW and correct the distortion in post when needed with Olympus Viewer 3 - your G3 should have come with something similar. I believe the 19mm has the most distortion of Sigma's 3 primes.

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