Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: I have the 50 1.2....

kenetik wrote:

kuuan wrote:

Sleepdance wrote:

could one not also try to set aperture between f1.4 and f2? specially is the throw is a bit longer than between other stops is should be possible.

not for the fainthearted or someone without any experience taking apart lenses, but de-clicking a lens, removing that small ball from the aperture mechanism often is quite easy. Looking at photos of the 1.2/50 it looks as if first unscrewing the mount and then the next ring of the body already might make fall out the ball, to not loose it better to do that on top of a tray

Two of my Minolta primes came "declicked", which was a problem. Without the bearing, there is no force to keep the aperture wide open without physically holding the dial. Once you release the dial, the aperture slides down a stop from the force of the spring inside. I used bearing from the tip of a ballpoint pen to fix mine.

oh, thank you very much for pointing that out!!

I had de-clicked a few lenses of mine but non had been a Minolta and I had not encountered this problem. Many people do this to use lenses for video.

( I really don't want to be hard on that one poster, but I just can't get over Minolta, Konica and Olympus being called 'third tier manufacturers'.. )

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The 58 1.2 is the same, 1.2 straight to f2. There isn't really any room to move the thing between stops, the throw is really small.

I wouldn't worry about the comments made earlier, the guy was obviously trolling. BTW - I browsed some after your lens comparisons and your Flickr feed is great Kuuan. You've shot with so many lenses. The pics of those cats (sisters I think it was called) were amazing. The animals themselves are striking and the vibrance of the photos amazing. What lens did you use for that one?

hm..sounds difficult to get it set between f1.2 and f2 then

thank you for the heads up! I really dislike it when talking gear is taken personal and really try to avoid that..

oh, thank you! It always makes me very happy if somebody looks at photos of mine, enjoys that and gets something out of it, and specially if s/he tells me so

the cat pics had been taken with a Olympus Pen-F Zuiko 1.8/38 halfframe lens, a stunning lens! However I had not used my NEX5N but Ricoh GXR M module for which I had adapted this lens. I had shown this adaptation ( the only one of a Pen-F lens to Leica M mount I know of having been done ) at the Ricoh forum here:http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3636252

cheers, kuuan

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photos mostly taken with manual lenses on Ricoh GXR M, Sony NEX5N, Pentax K-x and *istDs: http://flickr.com/photos/kuuan/

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