Feedback on Dell U2413 calibration

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Feedback on Dell U2413 calibration

I just bought a Dell U2413 and I'd like some feedback on the calibration process I used.

First off, I'm using a Mac do I couldn't run hardware calibration using the Dell X-Rite Monitor Application since it only runs on windows. So, I had to just accept the the factory calibration was accurate.

I read the U2413 review on TFT Central a few times and it gave some insights into what to expect; namely that the default brightness was too high. However, I can't say I understood everything.

The monitor is set up in a room with a fairly large window (unfortunate I know) so I didn't want to lower the brightness too much. In the monitor display menu, I changed the following defaults;

Brightness: 25
Contrast: 50
Input Source: Displayport
Input Color Format: RGB
Gamma: Mac
Preset Mode: Custom Color > Gain > 100%RGB

I'm using DispcalGUI and a i1 Basic Pro spectrophotometer, which are both new to me as well.

Settings: Photo
Mode: LCD (generic) Adaptive
White level drift compensation: Off
Black level drift compensation: Off
Whitepoint: Color Temperature - 5000k
Reference: Daylight
White Level: Custom - 120
Black Level: As Measured
Tone Curve: Gamma 2.2
Calibration Speed: Low
Profile Quality: High
Profile Type: Curves & Matrix
Black point compensation: On
Testchart file: Photo

Run Calibrate & Profile.

To get the levels above, I needed to change the brightness and RGB.

Brightness: 23
R: 100%
G: 87%
B: 83%

I continued onto calibration and a few hours later;

The U2413 is a wide gamut monitor that's supposed to have 99% Adobe RGB coverage, so a 0.4% margin or error seems to be within specs. To my untrained eye, it looks pretty good as well. Just wanted to get a second opinion since I'm new to the whole process. Thanks in advance.

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