What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Re: Shutter video

simpy wrote:

Jim Salvas wrote:

I just took that clip into iMovie, where I can slow it down to frame by frame. It definitely seems as if the first curtain is closing and then opening again, but it sure is fast. When you listen to it frame by frame, there are quite a few shutter sounds going on.

Could it be that the physical shutter sequence is not altered, but the electronic shutter makes it possible to adjust the timing of the actions?

For example, the initial curtain could close and reopen as quickly as possible, before the camera/sensor is ready to shoot. That might give a few milliseconds for things to settle down before the electronic shutter starts exposure.

Yes sounds like the mechanical actuation is hardwired to perform a certain way.  But for them to acknowledge the issue to fix it in this manner still bodes well in the future.  Likewise the EM-10 does not have much report on shutter shock and may have slightly different 'timings' as well.  I'm guessing in no more than 2 generations (would prefer it to be resolved in the next generation) the issue is completely fixed down to the mechanical actuation.  Now that they have spent some engineering time to address this issue it just seems like a more straightforward solution is to just implement EFC fully without the MFC.  Or does doing it the way they did dance around any patent issues?

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