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Oh dear, do we have something else that the good ole US of A has just found out that it didn't invent

Machine gun and the colt revolver.

Swedish Jonas Offrells revolver, 1839 two years Before Samuel Colt

But that's not a Colt revolver. Only Colt could invent a Coltrevolver.

i am sorry -- off topic, forgive me -- but the original Colt revolver patent was granted (in England!) in 1835 with an American patent issued the next year. Manufacturing began in 1836 too, but there were problems, they were expensive, and the firm finally closed in 1843. A new company was spawned by US demand in the Texas / Mexican wars four years later; a derivative of that firm exists today.

There were a host of Colt knock-offs; this is only one and appears to be designed to minimize the risk of sympathetic ignition of other cylinders . . . which early Colts were ere to.  A not terribly bad Wiki on this subject is here, but there is much more on the net:

There were earlier flintlock era approaches to multiple barreled weapons, but they weren't practical due to the powder pan spilling (and, again, sympathetic firing).  Colt appears to also be the first to have thought of having the hammer cocking movement simultaneously index the rotating chamber in one motion.

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