What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Re: Shutter video

lattesweden wrote:

Thanks Anders for that good explanation!

Is there any technical reason why electronic first curtain can't be added to other M43 cameras as a firmware update like what Oly just did?

I know Sony for instance says that A7r can't have it so something must be different in how things can work?

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For EFC to work, it must able to do the following:

  • Clear row by row (standard for CMOS, but not necessarily CCD sensors)
  • Clear the whole sensor at the same speed as the mechanical curtain (not faster or slower)
  • Clear the sensor in the same direction as the mechanical shutter
  • The mechanical first and second shutters must be able to be operated independently, OR the EFC must be able to be cleared after the first mechanical shutter

I think the EM1 is slipping the EFC after the "normal" MFC action, as the 1/320s limit is also the mechanical sync speed and from seeing the video OP posted.

Sony might not be able to do either of the last bullet point, but I'm only guessing. It's funny the A7 doesn't do it, because I thought the NEX cameras all had EFC? Sony might be not doing it for performance reasons, too (FPS or some such).

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