What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Re: Shutter video

lattesweden wrote:

Thanks Anders for that good explanation!

Is there any technical reason why electronic first curtain can't be added to other M43 cameras as a firmware update like what Oly just did?

It depends on how quickly the sensor can be reset and how programmable that reset process is. The reset must be made in synch with the movement of the second shutter curtain, or, preferably, the shadow left by that curtain with a certain lens, at a certain FL, and a certain f-stop. I don't know if anybody here really knows which sensors have the capability to make this possible.

However, it could most likely be added via firmware on the GX7 and GH4 (the GM1 with its special mechanical shutter already has EFCS), which probably have the same sensor, or nearly the same sensor, as the E-M1. Whether it can also be done on bodies having the (presumably Sony-designed) sensor pioneering in the E-M5 and then used in the E-PM2, E-PL5, E-P5, E-M10, and probably GH3, is anybody's guess. The same is true about the tweaked GH2 sensor in the G5 and G6 and the G3 sensor in the GF6.

I know Sony for instance says that A7r can't have it so something must be different in how things can work?

It may be that it can't be done quickly enough on that large sensor with its many rows due to 36 MP.

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