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Lion Cubs

This past Sunday, I thought I'd visit the lion cubs again. It won't be too long, that they will be getting bigger. So like so many things in life, it's best to not wait to capture those moments, as they pass us by too fast.

Photo No. 1 - Here we are behind the glass waiting to see the lion cubs.  One can be seen nearby.

Photo No. 2 - The three of them were so playful.

Photo No. 3 - And here's another photo of them during the cloudy weather that we had. But at least it wasn't raining.

Photo No. 4 - The papa lion and the three baby cubs were laying around.

Photo No. 5 - Sometimes the cubs could get too playful, so the larger lions went up higher with what appeared to be a tactic to avoid them.

Photo No. 6 - But eventually one of the larger lions would come on down and the cubs would follow.

Photo No. 7 - All they wanted was to have a little fun.

Photo No. 8 - Ahhh...isn't that a cute one.

Photo No. 9 - The cubs would spend most of their time with the larger female lions but also liked to be with papa.

Photo No. 10 - Finally, here's another photo of papa high on a rock, where he spent most of his time watching everything around him.

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