Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Why?

Chuck Yadmark wrote:

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ScottRH wrote:

Fact remains.

It is clear customers want a D700 replacement, and the D610, D800/E, and D4s are not it.

By all criteria as I read it the D800 is the upgrade to the D700 except for 1 less frame per second.

No it's 4, but why let details get in the way of the argument.

1.Finally - good to see a fellow who has this all figured. So the D800 IS the replacement for the D700. So many missed that. I guess the 1 fps was the thing that threw them off. Glad this is finally resolved. And it only took one genius to figure it out!

It's the usual "Well I don't need it so you shouldn't need it either" argument that bugs the poop out of me.

And of course, the person who doesn't do what I do who tells me what I should and shouldn't want.
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Bring on the D700 and D300s replacements !

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