Best budget prime?

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Re: Best budget prime?

Chas2 wrote:

Try a used lens on eBay. To meet your thin depth of field criteria you need something like a f1.8 lens, and or a longer focal length.

For general photography, a Panasonic 20 mm f1.7 (version 1 rather than version 2) is small, light, sharp, and relatively cheap, under $300 with some patience. I believe that the Oly 17 f1.8, 25 f1.8 and PanLeica 25 f1.4 are much more expensive, $400 or more, and harder to find used since they are so much newer. The other f1.8 lens that you can get for under $300 is the Oly 45mm f1.8, a gem, but less useful as an all purpose lens. Be careful as prices are changing, and you can, for example, get a new Oly 45 mm f1.8 has been falling steadily, and you can get one for just under $300 with free shipping from Asia, but many used lenses are selling for only about $20 less, still indexed to the higher $399 average price

Just my 2 cents.

I will have alook I think this is my issue, when on ebay it seems to just be chucking out new ones not used! I will certainly have a dig through and see what I can find!

Thanks for your advice

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