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Re: Best budget prime?

jamiegoldsworthy wrote:

Im a student, and consequently poor. I'am relatively new to photography and was bought my first 'proper' camera for Christmas, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3, with kit 14-42mm and the Panasonic 45-150mm zoom lens. I know its slightly outdated camera but it does the job for me and I do really love it and so far have learnt alot and started getting the results I want.

However, over the next couple of months whilst working in the summer I am hoping to buy my first prime lens and I am looking for some advice. I shoot a variety of subjects and I am looking for a good everyday lens. I can't decide what lens is best for me. I like shallow DOF, love it in fact, however I cannot afford a lot, and take my camera everywhere so having a lens that works in different situations is perfect.

So I ask you this, what lens would you lovely people recommend that is reasonably versatile, can get decent DOF when its wanted and is easy on the wallet?

I know there are other threads that deal with this but some peoples idea of budget is vastly different to mine. I am a student after all!

Thank you all so much for any advice! I dont want to ask anyone to look at my flickr to see what kind of photo I take because I dont want to look like Im fishing for views but if anyone is kind enough to take the time to have a peek please let me know

Without knowing your budget, I would recommend the 45 1.8 as a start....everyone should have one unless you have a faster similar may not be the greatest but is pretty good and in terms of value for dollar unbeatable I think.

If that is still too much, get a legacy prime cheap and a simple adapter.....manual focus but just about all are good and great value and a nice learning tool....lot of 50 1.7/1.8 lenses around cheap....f2 versions even cheaper.

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