A great-value lens that let's you shoot low-light indoors

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Re: A great-value lens that let's you shoot low-light indoors

Great to know you are happy with this lens. Enjoy it!

Several years ago (it was near to its release) I tried to purchase such lens in a shop in Frankfurt, Germany. On that time it was common people find back focus problem in several samples. I tested the last available sample in my (then) Nikon D200 and the tested sample really had a lot of back focus. Terrible. I did not bought it.

I knew a Sigma service center in Atlanta so when I was visiting Atlanta a couple of months later, I got from B&H a lens delivered there to me. I was thinking to bring the lens and my camera to Sigma service shop if I found missed focus. For my surprise this particular sample focused very well with my D200. No need to go to the shop. It was a keeper.

You are right - it is not a very sharp lens, mainly bellow f/2.8, but when I went to Nikon D300S, the fine focus adjustment gave me a "new" lens and when I use DxO to develop my raw files, it makes a superb job delivering sharp pictures even when the lens is wide open.

Bottom line is in camera fine focus adjustment plus a good raw developer to compensate lens flaws will transform that otherwise mediocre lens in a (very?) good lens. I am glad with it.

Despite that I am tempted to trade-in my Sigma 20 f/1.8 and that Sigma 30 f/1.4 for the new Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 - from all I have read the IQ is way better, although, of course, it cannot reach f/1.4...

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