Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Why?

DenWil wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Fact remains.

It is clear customers want a D700 replacement, and the D610, D800/E, and D4s are not it.

If the D700 has the trick AF, the perfect sensor, the frames per second, the ergonomics, the build quality...

Why do they want a replacement? The posts do not start with my last D700 body died a permanent death and I have 7 f2 or faster mint primes.

It would seem for folks asking for great AF, 24MP, the option of a grip for 3G's- the obvious answer is the Canon 5D3. If the poster whose figures show the average Nikon owner has 1.5 lenses, changing brands is no heartache.

The actual facts via a chart currently on Amazon - the D800 is less $ than a D700 new, has more MP (36 vs. 12), bigger LCD (3.2 vs 3), better storage, is smaller, weighs less, and FPS are 4 vs. 5. Wow. Frankly , if that one frame per second difference kills the ability to get the shot, you're inept.

By all criteria as I read it the D800 is the upgrade to the D700 except for 1 less frame per second. 1.

Of course Amazon could have all the facts wrong. Ya'll need a 710.

The D700 actually goes up to 8 fps with grip. But your other point stands -- if D700 is so good all around why would you want an update. I still haven't figured this out and continue using D700 quite happily.

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