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Re: No Answers, huh?

Well, your town didn't just suddenly become that way.  I am sure it was that way when you decided to move there.  Or stay there if that is where you are from.  YOU are the one who decided you could make a go of it as a photographer in YOUR town.  So don't blame anything or anyone for that.  That was your decision from the beginning.

I have no idea where you live but I do see you are a big supporter of Charles Lewis.  Have you actually purchased anything he has put out?  From someone who complains all the time, I can't see how you take any of his advise.  Time after time C Lewis will bring on people who are from very very small towns with very small populations yet they still manage to keep their business alive and even thrive.

I live in Orlando FL.  It's huge market.  However my niche market of portraiture has me traveling to other places in FL and in NC for a few weeks to a few months at a time.  I go to where the money is. I don't wait for it to come to me.  I'd starve if I had to compete with all the Tom, Dick and Harry's in this town.  If my dad could go off to war for years on end,  I can go out of town for a few weeks and actually enjoy it.  Sometimes.

I also started doing corporate events a few years back.  Something I thought I would never do and didn't even have an interest in.  But it too keeps me busy.  It's been non stop since January.  Sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone and try other things.

Again, I have no idea where you live but you always have options if you truly have the desire to make money.

Charles Lewis always says, "Successful photographers are the ones who do the things the  unsuccessful ones don't want to do."  I don't "want to" travel all the time but if I want to eat and pay my bills, I will.  I don't exactly LOVE shooting corporate events but again, it's work and around here it's plentiful.

Yes.  It has become a lot tougher out there.  So as a photographer YOU have to become even tougher, smarter and work even harder than you did 5-10 years ago.  Every single studio owner I know or read about says the same exact thing.  A few years ago they were throwing money at you left and right.  Now?  It's like pulling teeth.  So you just have to pull a little harder.

This is why I wonder why so many want to become professional photographers.  It is perhaps one of the most difficult professional to make a living at.  It always has been.  It looks like and sounds like fun.  The only fun part is when you actually get to shoot.  The other 80% of the time is looking for your next job!!

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