Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Why?

DenWil wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Fact remains.

It is clear customers want a D700 replacement, and the D610, D800/E, and D4s are not it.

If the D700 has the trick AF, the perfect sensor, the frames per second, the ergonomics, the build quality...

Why do they want a replacement? The posts do not start with my last D700 body died a permanent death and I have 7 f2 or faster mint primes.

It would seem for folks asking for great AF, 24MP, the option of a grip for 3G's- the obvious answer is the Canon 5D3. If the poster whose figures show the average Nikon owner has 1.5 lenses, changing brands is no heartache.

The actual facts via a chart currently on Amazon - the D800 is less $ than a D700 new, has more MP (36 vs. 12), bigger LCD (3.2 vs 3), better storage, is smaller, weighs less, and FPS are 4 vs. 5. Wow. Frankly , if that one frame per second difference kills the ability to get the shot, you're inept.

By all criteria as I read it the D800 is the upgrade to the D700 except for 1 less frame per second. 1.

Finally - good to see a fellow who has this all figured.  So the D800 IS the replacement for the D700.  So many missed that.  I guess the 1 fps was the thing that threw them off.  Glad this is finally resolved.  And it only took one genius to figure it out!    

Of course Amazon could have all the facts wrong. Ya'll need a 710.

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