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Re: THIS is what started this whole thread????!!!!????

Ray Sachs wrote:

Photo-Wiz wrote:

Thank you for your post. I really appreciate it. I went back and looked at some of my old EM5 pictures, and indeed I took some with the 12-50mm lens. I also took some with the 14-42mm and the 40-150mm lenses. (amazing how helpful Lightroom is at helping me remember the gear I used.)

In reviewing my old EM5 pictures, some were actually quite good. Many of the 12-50mm photos are very nice. But what I do recall is that too often, the photos were somewhat blurry or lacking in sharpness on the object on which I had focused. Perhaps the problem is that, as you suggest, one that appears only at certain shutter speeds. I don't think it is the lens however, as even the 14-42mm lens sometimes yielded good results. I don't think it is the size of the sensor, because cameras with smaller sensors which I have used (sony RX100, Canon G9, Canon G15) don't have this issue. The M4/3 sensors are large enough to render exquisite photos. I use to own an Olympus EPL1 and it took great pictures using the 14-42mm kit lens. I also use to own Panasonic G1 and GH1, and did not notice any problems.

I had an EPL1 also - it was the camera I bought when I got serious about photography again after many years of just using whatever P&S we had around for family snapshots. It made nice images but I grew to hate that camera! I've liked some cameras more than others but that was the only modern cameras I actively came to dislike. Basically just the controls on the damn thing, having to push a series of buttons to even change the aperture in aperture priority mode! I only had it for a couple of months before getting an EP2 and selling the EPL1 - it hadn't lost much value by then...

So there is something else going on in the GX7 and EM5 (at least in my hands) that I don't understand, which gives me inconsistent results (with respect to sharpness/focus/blurriness).

Interestingly, today I see that Olympus has released a firmware update to address shuttershock issues on the EM1. So perhaps I'm not the only person that has observed this phenomena on Oly cameras...and now GX7.

It's for sure a documented issue - just a question of how serious? I found a problem with so few of my photos that I just chalked it up to the occasional miss, which I often have anyway. I never had a whole series hurt by it. And I never found it at ALL on the GX7 and never saw any mention of it as a problem on that model. Basically just the Olympus models. Nonetheless, I have an EM1, so I'm sure I'll install the new FW once it's out.

When I have used Fuji or Canon or Nikon cameras I have not experienced this at all. I'm puzzled, and perhaps guilty of some user error...but I'm not a troll. And as you can see from the many cameras I have owned, I don't have anything against any of the manufacturers...I like certain cameras more than others. But if a camera looks intriguing and gets good reviews, I won't hesitate to buy it because it comes from manufacturer A, B or C.

Yeah, again, my bad on that. You're clearly not a troll OR novice. I'm sometimes accused of being a troll just because I try to keep an open mind and don't always hold to the party line, so I should be waaaaay more sensitive than to accuse someone of that.

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

You sound like a great guy Ray.  I appreciate your post, and look forward to reading more of your posts about photography and photographic equipment.

I don't get disturbed when someone is critical of camera equipment I like (like the XT1) because I understand that not everyone's experience, or opinion is the same.  I like to read some of the criticism  people post, because I often find it instructive.  As long as people are not ranting obnoxiously, or getting into those personal attack type of posts, I like to hear both the good and bad of the equipment.  And I read it knowing that very often the issue may involve good faith unintended user error.  That's okay.  Even Dpreview reviewers, as professional and talented as they are, have been known to make a mistake or two. So why would we expect "we" the non-professional people not to post things that may be incorrect.

I am not a professional photographer.  I am just a guy who has enjoyed photography since I was 8 years old when I took a crooked picture of the Lincoln Memorial.  I've always been a bit of a cameraholic.  I buy cameras and lenses that intrigue me, and when I no longer need them, I sell them on EBay or Amazon.  Along the way I've taken a lot of very fun pictures.  Like these two:

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