What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Guy Parsons
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Need 1,000 fps at least.....

Anders W wrote:

What about shooting a video of the sequence with another camera and play it back frame by frame?

In the past I've done a 1,000 fps video of the E-PL5 shutter in action, but it definitely needs something better than my Casio ZR1000 to do that as things are still blurred frame by frame.

All I see in normal E-PL5 shutter operation is the shutter closing (with a huge amount of bounce) to darken the sensor and clear it, then the shutter curtains run, then the shutter stays closed for about 1/10 second for the unload time, then back to live view.


Very low resolution and slowed down of course in this animated gif (which, darn it, DPReview can't display here like it could before).

If only Olympus would lend me cameras to play with and then I could try E-M1 and E-M10 and see how they operate.....

Regards.... Guy

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