Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Thank you Nikon!

If I may offer a different perspective, I think it'd be fair to say that the outrage stemmed from the fact that Nikon released the D610 at all. It certainly looked to many people as a desperate cover-up. Had Nikon chosen to issue the service bulletin the moment they first realized the issue, they would've saved numerous forums from posts from angry D600 owners. And judging from the release of the D610, saying that Nikon was taking time with their investigation before issuing the service bulletin seems to be an invalid argument.

Having said that, I do own a D610, seeing as how I could not find the D600 on sale anywhere, and the possible trouble of sending it in for shutter replacement/sensor cleaning was just too much too add on top of its price tag. And subjectively the D610 is a better camera, perhaps one that Nikon should've released from the beginning.

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