**Weekly X Series Photo Thread 30 Mar - 5 Apr**

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Re: **Weekly X Series Photo Thread 30 Mar - 5 Apr**

AshEa wrote:

Norwich Cathedral; X-T1, 18-55 OIS @ 18 mm, ISO 400, 1/52, f/4, -1 EV, DR100, SOOC with straightening and levels adjusted in Aperture

I thought this was a good example of the dynamic range you can get with careful exposure. Perhaps somewhat controversially, I'm not a big fan of the DR200/400 modes as I feel that whilst the preservation of highlights is admirable, the resulting compression of shadow tones isn't something that I really like. I'm much happier shooting carefully or in RAW, or underexposing then using -2 on shadows than I am with DR modes. Any opinions?

I'll say one thing, that 18mm gets a bad rap in my view.  That pic is beautiful and looking through the 18mm group on Flikre that thing turns out some seriously nice photos.  Great job.

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[[[If I am commenting on your awesome X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users in this forum who claim that test charts keep them away from X trans cams, this then encompasses all photos like these, and are part of what keep these few fellows away from X trans, amazing but true.]]]

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