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Re: THIS is what started this whole thread????!!!!????

Ger Horgan wrote:



Maybe the GX7 sucks .. but if I am happy and CAN take sharp photos with it .. What is the actual problem ?

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And I think you hit it on the head.  I think a lot of the3 debate here misses the simple fact that what may be bad for you could be good for me, and the same in the opposite direction.  I prefer the X trans look, love it, wouldn't want anything else in the range.

I think we also use the word "Sharpness" a lot and we may not really mean that exact thing many times.  I think it is a convenient word that a lot of us overuse.  I just went to Flikre and brought up one of the GX7 grouops, clicked on the first pick and began going through the photos.  Did the same with the X trans group, began going through the photos.  I switched back and forth around every 20 to 30 photos, and while both are good, I simply see easily enough difference to where I would buy the Fuji and not the GX7.  BUT THAT'S ME!!  Not anyone else.  I think we discount too much that people in a way have their own built in filter on how we see the world, how we perceive what we do.  What some people post as great examples here or somewhere else, many times I don't like or prefer.  It's really that simple.

Hedre are the two groups.  Click the first photo in each and start going through them, switching back and forth.  After oh, hundreds of photos you begin to get a feel for the camera.  For instance< get the feel that the GX7 is much better in good daylight, but I feel something is lacking in some of the darker shots and that the X trans photos are somewhat better.  I get the feel that I like the X trans colors better, and it feels like it has a more 3dish feel to it.  But it is slight, to some, bigger to others, and some wouldn't let that bother them while others would.  I just think we forget that each human being has this perception filter in their reality that is unique to them and they base their desires on those filters.  How many times have we seen someone post a pic on one of these forums to prove a point, and in our minds we are saying, "What??  What are you talking about, I don't see what you are seeing here"

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[[[If I am commenting on your awesome X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users in this forum who claim that test charts keep them away from X trans cams, this then encompasses all photos like these, and are part of what keep these few fellows away from X trans, amazing but true.]]]

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