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Re: You didn't exceed the 6k character restriction?

Lord Mox wrote:

35mmBlueSky wrote:

The OP is either working for Nikon or naive enough to speak in such a manner.

With us or against us...! Either you are G Bush or someone in his behalf Anyway, I should stop reading your response here. But I chose not to out of courtesy.

so a company is manufacturing faulty products in the first place now facing press pressure from all the over the world. In order to save the brand name, they offer service for their own fault, and customers should thank them providing faulty products but had been keeping silence and did not act until pressured by the media recently? I think Nikon is the one who should write you a thank you card for being a such a generous customer who even bothered to post an one thousand word-essay here to thank their "kindness".

Again, I got their "offered service" before the pressure. The thing is, I am writing based on my experience, not everyone else's.

BTW, I would love to get a "thank you" letter from Nikon. Would be another proof that they are listening to their customers.


You are now trying to twist your own story by claiming that Nikon offered service to you before the presure mounted. Assuming you are telling the truth, it is hardly a good reason to thank them.

You must be working for Nikon and post like this does not help the matter. You need to bow out gracefully and stop responding. In fact you need to barn yourself for attempting to fool us.

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