Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

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Re: Does Sony's "clear zoom" work with non-Sony lenses? Or with the LA-EA2 + A-mount?

personally i wouldnt go down the 55-210 route, for its money theres nothing wrong with it, but its pretty dark, OIS/AF are not the greatest and at the 200 end its a bit soft .. clear zoom is just gonna make this softness worse i guess

If i had to use a NEX with a long lens (eg tripod mounted safari/wildlife) then i would personally look for a secondhand nikon/canon 300mm f4 (and they do a matching 1.4 ish teleconverrter which takes you even further) .. quality in a diff league to the 55-210 never mind interpolating digital zoom

.. dont waste your time on fleabay though go and see what you can find in dealers/camera stores, with these lenses they r often taken out in the damp and wilds so scratching/fungus etc are common if they havnt been taken care off

If you want to stick with the 55-210 as an alternative to digital zoom on top, if you google on these forums using the 55-210 with an extender, i remember people reporting good results with a screw on the end teleconverter (intended for sony video cameras i think) but that might give you

here we go i've fished one out for you

hope it helps

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