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Re: THIS is what started this whole thread????!!!!????

Photo-Wiz wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Ger Horgan wrote:

Well for a novice (?) he already owns a XT1 / a Oly EM5.. maybe the guy needs lessons in photography

There is something odd about all of this...

I had not noticed that in his original post he noted that this horrible experience was similar to his experience with his EM5, "that it has trouble taking truly sharp pictures".


I think your troll theory may have something to it after all. I could chalk this one GX7 incident up to a novice having trouble with a new camera or maybe a bad copy. But if he's owned an EM5 for any period of time and can't get a sharp photo, the camera is not the problem....

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

You know, it is a bit disheartening when a guy takes the trouble to give an honest good faith opinion and further goes to the trouble of posting examples, that folks think it is a good opportunity to tee-off and make all sorts of accusations. Why would anyone post any opinions at all?

One guy even posted that I didn't use the GX7 at all! Wow, what reasoning is involved with that.

Ray, you've written some thoughtful posts. So why would you think that my conclusions are based on 3 photograph samples I posted. I posted "examples", not the full breadth of all the pictures I took. I've taken lots of pictures with the XT1 and my opinions are based on my observations of a few hundred pictures. Most were taken with the 18-55 kit lens. But some were also taken with the 16-50mm kit lens.

As to the GX7, yes I used the kit lens. That is what the camera came with. The problem with the GX7 pictures I took were not the "kit lens" or even the "smaller sensor." It is something else that I am not clear on. Perhaps just user error. I concede that. But I've taken thousands of pictures with dozens of cameras over 4 decades. Some I'm not a novice at this. I think I know what I'm doing.

Coincidentally I had the same issue (although to a lesser degree) with the EM5, having tried two different samples. The reason I bought the EM5 (twice) and the GX7 (once) is because I found the cameras intriguing, loved the small size and weight, and wanted to own them as my main cameras. It was not to find fault in them. Believe me I was very disappointed and sad that I felt compelled to return the EM5. I decided that it must have been the one sample, so a few months later I bought another. Unfortunately I had a similar "focus/shake/shuttershock/whatever" problem. Now over a year later I have a similar issue with the GX7.

If you want to call me incompetent or belittle me because of that, so be it. But I've owned and loved many smaller sensor cameras (Panasonic FZ10, FZ20 and FZ50, Canon SX50, G9, Sony RX100 [still own that one]) and never experience similar issues. I've owned and loved Canon T2i, Nikon DSLRs, and Pentax DSLR and had no problem with them at all. They all took, great photographs. I currently own the Fuji XE-1, XA-1 and XT1. They all take superb photos. I prefer the XT1 because of the faster and more sensitive AF.

So why am I getting the disappointing results with the GX7 and EM5? I don't know. It is certainly not because I am a "troll". I don't post opinions to be "negative" or to "denigrate". Is it because I have something against Panasonic? No, I've owned many Panasonic cameras which I have enjoyed using. Is it because I have something against Olympus? No, my favorite film SLRs were Olympus cameras. Is it user error? Maybe. Is it something about the design of those cameras? I don't know. But I do know that the results were not good. So those cameras were returned.

Welcome to this forum.  It can be a downright nasty place at times, esp. when the 4/3rds fanatics start trolling and chiming in lest you disrespect (in their eyes) anything m4/3rds based on YOUR experience.   I share your belief that the Fujis are superior, IQ and DR-wise, to anything m4/3rd.--but that's not what the fanboys want to hear.  They don't want to face reality that when it all comes down to it, in a technical sense, sensor size MATTERS.   When I saw what my X100S can do at isos1600 and greater, reality hit me over my 4.3-sized head, so my Panny GX1 and 20 1.7 hit eBay.   Anything at 1600 or above with that camera, things fell apart pretty fast, to where it was unusable at 3200+.   Even at lower isos I had discernable shadow noise, not bad, but there.  Plus I had to shoot RAW with the Panny, because the jpg engine was a mess, white balance wise.   And don't even think about extensive crops with 4/3, and the negative resulting IQ degredation. ...

The only reasons I keep my Olympus E-5s is that I need the ttl flash system for my paid events that Fuji has not yet developed, the tele reach with my terrific SHG zooms, and they are better at action shots, say when I shoot track or car racing.  But since O announced that they were no longer producing mirrored DSLRs, I started searching for an eventual replacement, and Fujifilm fit the bill.   It's still secondary right now, but I have a feeling once the system matures it will become primary.

But in the studio, Fuji has already become my primary system, because in that controlled environment is where I really see the difference between 4/3rds and olpf-less APS-C.  And if the Fujis are so dodgy as the 4/3rd-ers maintain--relying on old tired issues already solved like green smearing, and ones that are clearly user error, like "waxy" skin tones--why are more pros that shoot commerical and editorial with FF cameras adopting Fujis as complimentry rigs?  Lightness, for one, and that Fujis meet critical need.  And that they *get* it.

Why is it the folks that shoot with larger sensors get it, but those that shoot with smaller do not??

With 4/3rds, I always had doubts it could meet critical need.  With the Fujis, I have no doubts..

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