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Re: Stockholm syndrome

Lord Mox wrote:

Horshack wrote:

"Where is your argument? Where is your proof?” as Aristophanes puts it!

It is a shame this lazy ridicule is coming from you. Anyhow, I hope this fallacious statement makes you happy.

All the best,


It absolutely wasn't my intention to insult or ridicule and I don't use that term flippantly. Nikon sold you a camera with a major defect. Nikon denied that the defect existed, and worse, parried it off with an insulting notice about how all cameras have dust. Nikon later released a new model that is materially identical to your D600, with the only difference being that it fixes a defect they continued to deny exists. And while continuing to deny the defect Nikon then started repairing bodies with what amounts to a silent recall - silent to save themselves reputation and money by discouraging less motivated owners from even considering sending their bodies in for fear that the expense (shipping for many not offered a free label) and time would result in no redress for their problem. This is abhorrent corporate behavior.

In light of all this you have sent your body in twice and yet the problem persists. Nikon sold you a $2,000 body that still doesn't function to its implied warranty of fitness. I'm happy that you're thankful to Nikon but IMO your thankfulness appears more like relief that the problem isn't worse and that Nikon hasn't shut you out for future possible redress. IMO a disinterested observer, given the specifics of Nikon's behavior, your particular situation, and the full definition of Stockholm Syndrome, would reach the same conclusion as me.

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